ANZUS Treaty

Australia and New Zealand were formally part of the British Empire. Unfortunately this made them an easy target for attack; along with the pacific side of the United States. Thus the Treaty between Australia, New Zealand, and United States was created and signed on September 1, 1951. This idea started to form when the US was attacked at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7, 1941. Australia and New Zealand, being the close countries that they are, started talking about how they could easily be a next target if they weren’t careful.

Australia and New Zealand working to over come their fears

 As years and years just floated by, Australia and New Zealand grew paranoid and their fear of being attacked increased greatly. Every tiny thing started to worry them. In my opinion 10 years seems a little long to be so paranoid about getting attacked. Fortunately it seemed to work, being that they never got attacked by others for the rest of the Cold War. The treaty specifically stated that each of these countries would help one another if it was necessary. In other words if  Australia was attacked by Japan, then because of the treaty United States and New Zealand were obligated to help protect one another in those kind of situations. Making these countries very superior over many others, because their militaries combined were unstoppable.

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